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    2003/5/9                                                                 (Fri)                                                         Cloudy 

    Today, I went to have night snack again with my classmates, Dr. Ken Siu and Dr. Yu after school. It is because our dear Ken sir has to depart our school soon. Actually, we would like to ask him about why dose he want to leave, but we fail to do so..........because of the unexpected appearance of Dr. Yu. We all think that there are something not to be divulged and Ken is forced to be left the school. We guess those reason maybe there is someone being jealous about his youthfulness and qualification or feel difficult to face problems caused by being in love with a woman who is also a lecturer in school.

    Never mind, we will know that someday since we are going to invite him to karaoke soon. He said he would go anywhere if there are no more than 5 persons infected SARS. Let's see!!!


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