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    2003/5/31                                                            (Sat)                                                       Fine and Hot

   After went to a bank for saving a little not in use money afternoon, I knew that as a matter of fact, lots of things can be done not too strictly. If there are some things you have to make a decision to, so you have to consider which one can be satisfied most people or a win-win situations to both aspects. Some rules or regulations may be able to change in some situations.

   Law is fixed, but human is flexible. Therefore, if there is another choice for you, which resulted in a better way, don't be so stubborn that strictly with the rules, and then make things go worse. Those will not be good for you.

   Today went to stroll for a long time and finally watched a movie which is a Japanese ghost movie, called "咒怨". I always can't fully understand those Japanese ghost movie, it may be I'm not a Japanese. But the movies do scare me until now; those horrible parts always surround me. It is terrible?


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