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    2003/5/10                                                       (Sat)                                                  Sometimes Sunny

     What is love? Happiest or saddest?! A grand and spectacular scale or just going little by little without a letup? Rational or irrational? Possessing all of her/his or just hope her/him get the largest happiness even though she/he has to leave? 

      Don't know.....maybe happiness with rational, understanding, toleration by each other. I don't think love is possession, there should be some private time for each other but not dating all the day. I believe that just the small stream can go without letup, things on an impulse will not be lasting. 

      Of course, everyone has different views on love, therefore, while two different people go together, they have to find out which style is most suitable for them to get along with. If there are something different, we have to get a balance to get along with if we are really love each. Love is two-way but not just fulfill the other's need.


案: 古代用以放飯菜的有短腳的木托盤. 端飯時把托盤舉到和眉毛相齊, 表現恭祝. 後用以形容夫妻相敬.


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