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    2003/5/15                                                          (Thu)                                                hot and sunny

     Understanding something when I'm growing up. A human will not be prefect even though he/she is so clever. Some of the people are very smart but they may look down up on people are not clever than them or being selfish that willing to help others. They enjoy what they can and just do what they want to do with their wisdom, but not do things others want him/her to do. Therefore, their wisdom will not be a contribution to the society, but themselves. 

     On the other hand, some people that are not so clever, but they will be more willing to help others because they are not over value themselves, then, won't be mind to give others a hand. Their whole live may not be so rich in money, but they may be rich of heart.

     In face, whatever you are a clever guy or not, only you can contribute to others with your talent. You can be a more prefect human whit developing your talent.

有多少的付出, 就有多少的收穫吧?!


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