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    2003/5/24                                                              (Sat)                                                    Very Hot!!!

    Recent days, I learnt something about sleeping that is I can sleep less to spend my treasure time on another thing which more important. I have already changed my habit which need sleep more, and I can do things with my mother's say: "When I was young, I could do lot of things for a long time a day instead of sleeping." 

    But, I do think a holiday should be a holiday for relaxing. I won't be over care about everything just like my mother, I would like to entertain myself with things I can't do before. In weekends, I will go to watch a movie. In long vacations, I will go to traveling. 

    Anyway, in some times, we should be more selfish to let ourselves up. Know how to earn money, then you should know how to use money, if not, what's the meaning of our life?! 

又是愉快的一天! ^^


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