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    2003/5/4                                                               (Sun)                                                            Rainy

       I'm handling some checking work in my company. We first get reports which staff of centers input in their computer before, and then we get supporting from them and check that is there any error. If there is, we have to count as a mistake of the staff with what they input. If 3 errors are counted, they will receive a warning letter. 

     Those are what I have to do with. But sometimes, I will let them off while some minor mistakes were made. I just announce them and tell them to correct those immediately. Although we have the right to count them, it is not our purpose to count how much mistakes they have made, but the accurate information of the company. I won't be too insistent to count them, because I can see the difficulties they may face. We all are responsible for the company, but sometimes we will still make some mistakes. No one won't make any mistake, so, we have to give one more chance to others if we can, then they can improve themselves by that chance.

     Of course, we can't miss any chance others give us. That seems not being forgivable if we don't do that.


<<左傳.僖公四年>>: "君處北海, 寡人處南海, 唯有風馬牛不相及也."意思是說, 齊,楚兩國相距甚遠, 牛馬失散, 也不會跑到對方境內. 後以 "風馬牛不相及" 比喻彼此之間毫不相干.


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