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    2003/5/12                                                         (Mon)                                                    All Day Sunny

     Found myself can't talk with others with heart in a short time, it maybe because my characters of bashfulness, self-protected. So, I admire and like people dare to talk about them without hiding anything.

     I'm not used to talk myself on the initiative, even though others ask me about my private things, I won't say too much. I feel hard to say something about my privacy, don't know why?!

     Sometimes, I feel myself are too apathetic for everything. It may be as I'm a Taurus which owns a simply mind for everything.

     Therefore, please forgive me about my apathy, I just have the simply thinking that make me can't be sensitive to you and your things but not feel not interested. I do love to listen to yours. So, if you want to find someone be your listener, I can be a good choice.


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