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    2003/5/5                                                               (Mon)                                                       Big Big Rain

       Today is a busy and toilsome day, but it is my lunar birthday. I can't go back home for dinner with my families because we "have" to go to school. I'm not willing to do that but I have done. Never mind, the geomancer (風水佬) said that I'm committing the plant Jupiter (犯太歲) this year, so I have to work hard and make myself so toilsome that I can get better fortune instead being unlucky.

       Therefore, I have to work hard now and use my time to do with things more important, so, I'm going to do my project, then, stop writing my tickler today.

一人得道, 雞犬升天:

晉葛洪<<神仙傳>>說: 漢朝淮南王劉安吃了仙丹飛升成仙, 剩下的幾粒仙丹散落在庭院內, 被雞和狗吃了, 也成了仙升天. 後用以比喻一個人做了官, 凡是同他有關係的人都跟著受益.


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