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    2003/5/26                                                         (Mon)                                                  Fine and Hot

     Recently, I found myself don't have too many advantages. Unless the advantage of more amiable, I have many disadvantages.

     I'm not talk able; don't know how to present myself well.

     I'm always late while meeting with others and still haven't changed it yet.

     I'm not smart but also lazy. 

     I always can't work hard in things in the beginning but ending because of my habit of late.

     I'm not so careful enough when getting along with others.

     I'm so passive while doing anything.


     However, people always say: "We should learn from mistakes." Then, I can fine there are something wrong with me, that means I can have chance to change those. Also, I do own a lot, families, bf, and lots of good friends. So, there are enough power for me to still alive in the world which the weak are the prey of the strong.


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