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    2003/5/19                                                             (Mon)                                                         Cloudy

     Feel pleased that there is just one person infected by SARS today, hope those number can be zero in soon. Also hope that will not be the disguise by HK government.

     Mamma went to Macau with her friends today. She hasn't gone to another places for holiday for a long time. It is believed that she wouldn't have that mood for relaxing, if she werent been on holiday without salary. It is time for her to enjoy life instead of working all the day. 

     It seems it is a truth that I don't like my mother both the appearance and the characters. My eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the shape of face seem not be similar. Besides, she is radical while do things that makes her become nervous, I'm slow that makes things can't be done immediately. That seems while I'm in north, she is in south. But sometimes I make her being less nervous, she makes me being more radical. We have to bear each other some of the times, but we love to bear each other because we love each other.



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