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    2003/5/18                                                        (Sun)                                                Hot and Cloudy

     Busy for working, busy for dating, busy for looking around girls in MongKok streets, it is because there are lots of people walking in the streets just like before the appearance of SARS, and also since these days are so hot that girls wore lesser. Most of them wearing vests, of course, not every girl wearing a vest will be good looking. (Bill Bill's theory: good looking in someone's back, bad looking in his/her front.) Some of them wearing dresses which just like going to attend a ball. You can see people there are very different, can be said: "mixing with dragons and snakes". 

     I feel a suitable nourishing by love is necessary for a human, but not being addicted in that. That may not be your thought, right? 

不再愛一個人, 又可以多狠心?! (再次想起肥仔的無奈表情!)


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