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    2003/5/25                                                         (Sun)                                               Cloudy and Hot

     If you throw yourself into some things or just ignore those things, you will be happier than stay between want to throw into and don't want to throw into.

     I saw some people, which are some girls dancing in the game center. They seems so serious while they was dancing, there was no any embarrassment or flippancy in their face. When they could perfectly follow the game's steps to pass the game, how pleased they are?! For me, I'll never dance in front of people without any embarrassment or so serious. I'll think those just a game..

     Looking at them, then, I know if you put all your heart in some things and also believe your decision without caring others' wondering eyesight. You can do what you want with pleasure. It will be most suffering if you want to do it but with hesitation. You won't put all your effort into it and won't do it well at last.

 作為一個人, 你有權利去選擇誰才是你的朋友!


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