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    2003/5/6                                                       (Tue)                                                   Cloudy and Rainy

     Time is limited, how can I get more time? There are many famous and outstanding people tell us that they will sleep less in order to save more time than others. They think it is a wasting of time that sleeping more.

      I'm wondering is it injurious to our body if we sleep less. However, most of them are still alive and not too young. I maybe not need to worry about that. If we can get sufficient nutrition, I think we can handle those physical problems.

      I always feel lacking of time, so I will try it to see how well I can do. It is believe that mental satisfaction can be beyond physical satisfaction.

適應是需要時間的, 但當你肯投入其中, 那麼...很快便會適應過來吧?!

失之東隅, 收之桑榆:

東隅: 東方一角, 指日出處. 桑榆: 落日的餘暉照在桑樹,榆樹之間, 指日落處.早上丟失的, 在晚上找回來. 比喻在此時此地遭到失敗或損失, 而在彼時彼地得到成功或收穫.


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