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    2003/6/7                                                              (Sat)                                                            Big Big Rain

      My company, the jockey club is preparing resources for the new segment of football betting. As we know, they employed thousands of people for the new segment. 

      These two days, we have informed that we can have a internal change of the contract positions. I'm interesting in the position of part-time supervisor. Working time should be 150hrs per month for those positions. I'm considering that they can be provided me a new chance to get different experience and also given more time for me to study than other full time job. 

     There is someone told me that internal change may not provide for us but the high level employee. However, there is also someone encouraged me to try to apply for. I agree with her because I think I can go back to my position now even though I fail to be taken on staff. I won't die if I have a try. If I don't try, I never know I can do that.



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