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    2003/6/2                                                                  (Mon)                                                             Fine and Hot

     Today, one of my colleagues had to go a funeral for her relative, which died of infecting SARS. That is the most related SARS case for me.

     I know from my colleague that all members in the family were infected by SARS. And then, all of them had been sent to the hospital. Finally, a father and a son were able to recover, but the wife of a man or the mother of a son was not able to depart from the hand of devil. She was forced to leave her husband and her son unfortunately.

     Hundreds of people of HK died for SARS, and they are all forced to depart our world and also leave their loves to live alone. It is a warning, warning for people to keep the environment clean, warning for human have to be united, warning for treasuring the life which getting along with others

     The only thing we can do is to learn form the failure. We will be stronger than before after those failures but not step into the old steps.



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