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    2003/6/4                                                                   (Wed)                                                                      Fine 

     Today is the Dragon Boat Festival and also the anniversary for June 4 event. What kind of feelings should we have to fact them? Happy with a holiday or sad with the June 4 event? 

     As I know, the Dragon Boat Festival comes from a patriotic poet Chu Yuan; we commemorate him with the festival every year. Finally, it becomes a public holiday for Chinese people, then people feel happy about this day for eating some special food "Tzungtzu" (粽子) and a relaxing holiday. 

     Same as the Dragon Boat Festival, the purpose of an anniversary for June 4 event is also to commemorate some bodies. But more people died in the event. 

     Obviously, two of them show the corruptibility of the country in those ages.

     Therefore, whatever you feel happy or sad today, you shouldn't forget those causes which people died for and never let those events occur again in our future. 



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