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    2003/6/3                                                                   (Tue)                                                                      Fine 

     In fact, there was no a student union in my secondary school before we graduated. We just had 4 committees and I'm the chairperson of one committee in Form 6. The 4 chairpersons almost were in one class, so we talked freely when in meetings. In the period of assuming office, we jointed together to appeal to the school that why we didn't have any student union, although I didn't know what should we have to do so.

    Finally, the principal of our school refuted with that we couldn't fully comply our duties so we should not have the ability to set up a student union. We felt disappointed and wondering. 

     However, in the second year, 2000, after we graduated, there began to have a student union in the school. I'm not sure is it related to what we have done before, but I can see there is a change to our principal even though it is late.

     I can join a student union in my high school now. I begin to understand the functions of a student union in a school. I do believe that there should be a student union our school because it plays a role of connecter for different committees. This is the most important function of a student union, although lots of them forget it. Never mind, I do think I will learn something from those activities which can be used in the future.

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