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    2003/6/1                                                                  (Sun)                                                             Fine and Hot

     Thoughtlessly, we have stepped into the last month of school of Year 3 -- June. Our school life of Year 3 only leaves a month. In the coming year, we may have to begin another life style in order to adapt our future life. 

   Being a human, you can't reject to grow up. Even though you don't want to be that, there will be some things which remaining you about that truth. 

     Sometimes, I found myself have deeply adapted to the life now and don't want to be changed. The most stable situation, the most people like. However, we are living in HK, people's life speed is so fast that you can't catch up if you just stop for a while. You will be pulled out when you want to be stable. 

     Therefore, we must begin to adapt of those speed as quick as possible instead of trusting to chance and windfalls.

   人生苦短, 請及時行樂!


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