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    2003/6/11                                                                   (Wed)                                                                 Rainy

     In today's statistic lesson, students of our AB department, which have to take the attendance, all came back. We said that we haven't taken the lesson with fully attendance for a long time. 

     Besides, I'm so glad that Winy Yin was able to joint our talks and the laughs. I can see she is a clever and resolute pretty girl. But I don't mind if she wants to cry, I will give my shoulder for her. We can share the happiness and also the sadness. Don't you know that? Wing Yin!  ^^

     We went for a drink of sweet soup, Steven cleaned the bill finally because we said that we haven't seen him for a long time, so we had to celebrate for that. There is a pity that Ar Yan couldn't come.



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